In early 2024 Richard started work as a host/presenter on a new documentary called Shark Town (Rockpool Media/Marine Dynamics) largely based on his book Orca. Rockpool Media have acquired the film rights to Orca from Richard, and it is hoped that the film will be released before the end of 2024.

Richard is available as a,

  • Consultant.
  • Radio or T.V. presenter.
  • Writer.
  • Photographer.

Programme/Show Country Role
Richard & Judy Show (C4 TV) U.K Appearance
“Coast” (BBC 1 & BBC 2 TV) U.K Appearance
Shark Hunt (BBC Radio 4) U.K Presenter
The White Isle (Documentary) U.K Appearance
Killer Sharks Live (C5 TV) U.K Appearance
Porbeagles in Peril
(Award winning documentary)
U.K Narrator, writer, co-producer
Great Ocean Adventures (C5 TV) U.K Appearance
The Hunt for the White (Documentary) Shark in the Mediterranean German/French TV Main character
The Boar People (BBC Radio 4) U.K Presenter
Sharks in British Seas
(Award winning documentary)
U.K Writer, narrator, presenter & co-producer
The Great British summer (BBC 1 TV) U.K Appearance
Year of Weird weather (BBC 1 TV) U.K Appearance
Shark Story (Documentary) U.K Appearance & consultant
Great Whites Great Britain (BBC 1 TV) U.K Programme consultant
Sharks off Cornwall and Devon U.K Writer
Sharks in British Seas (Book) U.K Writer
Salmon shark/Porbeagles (TV) VOX TV Germany Appearance
The Reality of the Threat (Talk Show) U.K Presenter
Sharks in British Seas
(Talk Show)
U.K Presenter
Working with British Sharks
(Talk Show)
U.K Presenter
The Muddle East
(Political Talk Show)
U.K Presenter
The One Show
U.K Appearance
Shark Attack Britain
(Documentary film)
U.K Presenter, writer, co-producer
The Fin Trail U.K (Feature documentary) Investigator, co-writer, co-producer
The Worlds Scariest Near Misses
(Channel 5 T.V.)
U.K Appearance
Turas a’ Bhradain (BBC Scotland) U.K Appearance
The Worlds Scariest Near Misses
(Series 2. Channel 5 T.V.)
U.K Appearance
(Documentary film)
U.S.A. Appearance
A Short Time Dying
(Documentary film)
U.K Director / Producer
World’s scariest animal attacks
(Chanel 5 TV)
U.K Appearance
Costing the Earth (BBC Radio 4) U.K Appearance
The Poacher’s Moon U.K Producer/director & narrator
Loose Women (ITV) U.K Appearance
Inside Out (BBC 1) U.K Appearance
Expresso TV, Voice of the Cape, Classic F.M., Enviro Radio, etc. South Africa Appearances
Whalefall (ITV) UK Appearances

The Night Is Always Young
(Documentary film)

UK Appearances

Britain’s Whales & Sharks (ITV)

UK Appearances

Millionaire Gorillas (Documentary film)

UK Narrator/Director

Cry With Me (Documentary film)

UK Writer/Director

‘Charlotte’s Appeal’ from ‘Cuddle Me, Kill Me’

UK Writer/Director

Chow Down (National Geographic)

USA Appearance

Lions, Bones & Bullets

South Africa/UK/USA Presenter/Director/Writer

Shark Town

South Africa Host/Presenter